My delivery needs to be returned or redelivered. How does this work?

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There can be a number of reasons that a delivery needs to be returned or delivered. Often it's due to the recipient not being available to sign for the delivery, and you have not given Authority to Leave. 

If this happens, the below process is followed by our Sherpa drivers:

  1. An attempt is made by the Sherpa to contact the recipient to check if they are available and not aware we are here for a delivery, or if they are close by. 

  2. If the recipient does not answer, the driver will book a return through the app.

  3. The return will be delivered back to the pick-up address, and another booking will need to be made to redeliver the items.

Please note, any failed deliveries are not refundable. In addition, there is a charge for a return to be made.

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