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From the 1 July 2021, the NSW government is introducing new laws around Same Day deliveries of alcohol as part of the 24-hour economy liquor reforms.

For a full overview what is changing per 1 July, see

You can also check out this summary chart provided by Liquor and Gaming NSW




How does this impact booking a Same Day alcohol delivery in NSW?

For this purpose, when we refer to 'same day alcohol jobs' we are NOT referring to our Same Day Delivery Option, we are referring to any alcohol job that is purchased and/or booked to be delivered on the same date.


For these same day alcohol jobs, the following restrictions will apply:
  • The alcohol can only be handed over to the adult who has been nominated to receive the delivery (it will be marked as Specified Recipient Only) and therefore, cannot be left unattended.
  • The alcohol cannot be delivered before 9am, or between 11pm – 12pm.
If the specified recipient is not available at the delivery address, the recipient is showing signs of intoxication, or is believed to be under 18 years of age, a paid return will be logged back to the store.



It's important to note that alcohol jobs scheduled in advance (at an earlier date) DO NOT have these same restrictions applied.

For example, if you book a job in our system on Monday at 8 pm with an Item Ready At time of 6 am on Tuesday:

  • You'll be able to select from all of our available delivery options
  • The alcohol could be left with anyone over 18 years of age (not Specified Recipient Only)
  • And it could be delivered prior to 9am (no delivery curfew)
Special note for gifting and hamper businesses

The above restrictions only apply to the delivery of more than 1.5 litres of packaged alcohol in a single food hamper such as a picnic basket or gift hamper.

In this instance, please ensure you tick the 'Alcohol' checkbox when creating your delivery.



From 15 March 2022, the VIC government is introducing new laws around Same Day deliveries of alcohol as part of the the Liquor Control Reform Amendment Act 2021 (Amending Act).

For a full overview of what is changing see: 

Changes from 15 March:

1. Delivery of alcohol must occur before 11pm.
2. For first time customers:
  • Instructions need to be provided that the alcohol must only be delivered to the customer who placed the order, who must be present at the time of the delivery and whose age must be verified by the delivery person via an evidence-of-age document.
3. For returning customers:
  • Instructions from the same customer about where to leave the order if the customer is not present at the time of the subsequent delivery and provide these instructions to the delivery person.
  • provide instructions to the delivery person that the order must only be delivered in accordance with the instructions obtained from the customer.


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