My delivery has been picked up but I need to change the delivery location. What can I do?

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Editing the details of delivery depends on what stage of the delivery process the order is at. Here's a quick breakdown:

Delivery Unassigned

This is when no driver has been assigned to your delivery. If this is the case, you can adjust any details you like on our website. 

Delivery Assigned
If a driver has been assigned to your delivery and you need to update key information such as the delivery address, you must contact Sherpa Support. You can do this via Live Chat or by phone as this change needs to be done in real-time - before the driver starts making their way to your incorrect delivery location!


If we cannot make the changes required to the delivery before the driver collects the order from the pick-up location, the job may need to be cancelled and a redelivery booked to the correct address. If this is the case, a cancellation fee will be charged as well as the fee for the delivery to the correct address. You can read more on our Delivery Cancellation Policy here

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