What happens to the item if the recipient isn’t available or the delivery location is closed?

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If a Sherpa driver arrives at a delivery location and the recipient is unavailable or the location is closed, the next steps depend on whether you've selected Authority to Leave (ATL).

Authority to Leave is an option which allows our drivers to leave an order at the delivery location unattended and in a safe place. 

Authorisation To Leave (ATL)

If the recipient is unavailable and you have selected ATL, the Sherpa driver will assess if there is a safe place to leave the item.

  • If there is a safe place: The Sherpa driver will leave the item and take a photo of where the item was left.
  • If there is no safe place: The Sherpa driver will contact you directly to ask for permission to book a return or redelivery.


No Authorisation To Leave (No ATL)

If the recipient is unavailable and you have NOT selected ATL, the Sherpa will first contact the recipient. If the driver cannot get in touch with the recipient, the driver will book a return on their app and return the order to the pick up point.



Please note, if a return or redelivery needs to be booked you (the User) will be charged.

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