How is my delivery price calculated?

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The cost of your delivery will depend on a number of variables. We can't tell you off the top of our head how much your delivery will cost but it will depend on:

  • Which delivery option you select (1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hr or Same Day)
  • The distance between the pickup and delivery locations
  • The number of items being delivered
  • What type of vehicle is required (motorbike, car or van)

As well as your delivery fee, there may be surcharges applied to your order. You can read more about Sherpa's surcharges and additional fees here. 


For a quote on a delivery, Sherpa, please visit our homepage or log into your Sherpa App. Here you can enter the details before making a booking and we will provide you with an estimated cost to deliver your order.

If your business is shipping more than 100 items per day, you can contact our sales team by emailing Alternatively, you can contact by clicking the chat button or submitting an email via our contact form. We will have our friendly sales team reach out to you right away.

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