Are there any size or weight restrictions when delivering items?

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Yes, we do have strict size and weight restrictions for deliveries on our platform. This is to ensure our drivers are not injured while making your delivery, and that we can fit the items into the vehicle.

The method of managing these restrictions is based upon the vehicle type you select to complete your delivery. Each vehicle type has a particular size and weight restriction.

You can read more about what vehicle types are available to book with Sherpa, and the size and weight restrictions on each of those by clicking here.

Additionally, if your item is considered heavy (15kg or heavier), you must select the 'heavy' toggle when booking the delivery. This indicates to our driver network that the item is 15kg or heavier, giving drivers the option to pass on such deliveries. These may be drivers who may not have the physical strength to lift such a weight, or carry it for a longer distance to and from their vehicle.

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