Shopify - Configuring your Delivery Options

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The Sherpa platform offers multiple delivery options so that you as a business can provide your customers with the flexibility they expect from their local delivery experience. 


Follow the steps below to set up delivery rates for shipping.

  1. Under the Settings section, click on ‘Manage Settings’.


  2. In the 'Delivery Rates' section, you will see the five delivery options we offer. 
    • 1 hour rates* 
    • Standard calculated rates - 2 hours, 4 hours, and Same Day delivery
    • Bulk rates* 

      * Note: 1 hour & Bulk rates need to be enabled on your Sherpa Delivery account. Please reach out to our your appointed account owner (or to enable these options.


  3. Select the delivery options that you want to make available to your customers.

  4. You can update the label for the delivery option (i.e. how it displays on the checkout page).


  5. Select how many delivery windows you wish to display on checkout

  6. Set Rates for your deliveries. If you do not set rates, standard Sherpa pricing calculations will apply

  7. If you are using 'Bulk Rates', you must input at least one flat rate

  8. Click 'Save Settings' to save your changes.


Should you need further assistance with this, please send an email to or log a support ticket via our help desk.

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