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You can set a prep time if your store needs time to get orders ready before the Sherpa driver arrives pick up.


Follow the steps below to set up prep time for your orders.

  1. Under the Settings section, click on ‘Manage Settings’.


  2. In the 'Product Details' section, look for the Prep Time dropdown.


  3. Pick a time that suits your needs. This is the time that will be used to determine the available delivery times on the checkout page. For example, if the order is placed at 1pm and you have set a prep time of 1 hour, the first available delivery window for a 2 hour delivery will be 2pm-4pm that day.

    If no prep is needed, keep the default selection “No prep needed”.

  4. Click 'Save Settings' to save your changes.



Should you need further assistance with this, please send an email to or log a support ticket via our help desk.

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