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By default, the app will display all available delivery windows for your selected delivery options on the day of order.

For example, if you have enabled 2 hour and 4 hour delivery, and a customer places an order at 11am on Wednesday, they will see all the remaining available delivery windows for Wednesday only. If they place an order past the delivery cut-off time for Wednesday, they will be shown delivery windows for the next operating day

If you wish your customers to be able to place orders for dates in the future, you can enable the Delivery Calendar* on your site.



Follow these steps to enable the Delivery Calendar

  1. Navigate to Apps > Sherpa Delivery

  2. Select 'Manage settings' button

  3. Scroll down to 'Delivery date selection' 

  4. Select 'Enable Calendar'

  5. Under 'Calendar Window' specify how many days in the future you allow your customers to order**. Default is set to '7 days'


*The calendar may not be compatible with your existing theme and/or some 3rd party apps. Please test thoroughly and contact support should you have any issues.

** The calendar does not allow for public holidays etc so please keep an eye on your orders and communicate with your customers around any days you are not delivering. You can turn this option off at any time if you prefer to only display Same Day delivery options. 


Remove the "Buy Now" Button from Your Store

Shopify allows your store to offer a 'dynamic' checkout button, which displays to your customers as a "Buy Now" button on product pages, and takes them directly to the checkout when selected.

This button is currently incompatible with Sherpa Delivery because it bypasses the "add to cart" functionality required to input post code and select a date from the calendar date picker.

We recommend removing this button completely from your product pages

Remove "Buy Now" button from your product pages

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Online Store, then Customize.

  2. Select Customize.

  3. Select the dropdown menu at the top and select Product Pages.


  4. Uncheck Show dynamic checkout button.

  5. Select Save.


Should you need further assistance with this, please send an email to or log a support ticket via our help desk.

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