Alcohol Delivery in Victoria (VIC)

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On 15 March 2022, the VIC government introduced new laws around Same Day deliveries of alcohol as part of the Liquor Control Reform Amendment Act 2021 (Amending Act).

For an overview of the changes, see here.

New Laws Include:

  1. Delivery Time:

    • Delivery of alcohol CANNOT occur between 11pm-9am.

  2. First-Time Customers:

    • Instructions must be provided that the alcohol must only be delivered to the customer who placed the order.
    • The customer must be present at the time of delivery, and their age and identity must be verified by the delivery person via valid ID.

  3. For Returning Customers:

    • Instructions from the same customer about where to leave the order if they are not present at the time of subsequent deliveries must be obtained and provided to the delivery person.
    • The delivery person must follow these instructions and follow standard RSA procedure.

Sherpa's Age and Identity Verification:

  • Sherpa driver partners will ask to see a valid ID and record the following in the app:
    • Type of ID
    • Date of Birth
    • Name on ID


If the specified recipient is not available at the delivery address, or the specified recipient or the recipient is showing signs of intoxication, or is believed to be under 18 years of age, a paid return will be logged back to the store.
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