Alcohol Delivery in New South Wales (NSW)

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When arranging a Same Day alcohol delivery in NSW, there are specific guidelines to follow:

What does "same day alcohol delivery" mean in NSW?

Same day alcohol delivery refers to any alcohol purchased or booked for delivery on the same date. It does not refer to our Same Day Delivery Option.


What are the restrictions for Same Day alcohol deliveries in NSW?

For same day alcohol deliveries in NSW:

  • The alcohol must be handed over only to the adult specified as the recipient (Specified Recipient Only); it cannot be left unattended.
  • Delivery is restricted:
    • Between 12am - 9am, Monday - Saturday
    • Between 11pm Sunday - 9am Monday
  • If the specified recipient is unavailable, shows signs of intoxication, or is believed to be under 18 years old, the delivery will be returned to the store at a cost.


Are there any exceptions for scheduled alcohol jobs in NSW?

Alcohol jobs scheduled in advance (not for same day delivery) do not have the same restrictions:

      • You can choose from all available delivery options.
      • The alcohol can be handed over to anyone over 18 (not Specified Recipient Only).
      • Delivery can occur before 9am without curfew restrictions.


What should gifting and hamper businesses know about alcohol deliveries in NSW?

For businesses including more than 1.5 liters of packaged alcohol in a single food hamper (like a picnic basket or gift hamper):

        • Tick the 'Alcohol' checkbox when setting up the delivery.
        • Same restrictions apply regarding recipient age and availability.


What changes were made to Same Day Alcohol Delivery in NSW?

New laws effective July 1, 2021, under the 24-hour economy liquor reforms impact same day alcohol deliveries in NSW:

    • Same day alcohol delivery refers to alcohol scheduled for delivery on the same date, not our Same Day Delivery Option.
    • Restrictions apply to ensure delivery to specified adults only, and specific delivery timeframes must be adhered to.
    • See more details on the changes here.


How does Sherpa verify age and identity for alcohol deliveries in NSW?

Sherpa's age and identity verification process in NSW includes:

    • Requesting a valid ID from the recipient.
    • Recording ID type, date of birth, and name in the Sherpa app to ensure compliance with NSW regulations.

These guidelines ensure compliance with NSW regulations while facilitating safe and responsible same day alcohol deliveries across New South Wales.

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