Vehicles Options on the Sherpa Platform

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What are the available vehicle options for deliveries on the Sherpa platform?

Depending on the size of the item, you have the option to select a motorbike, car, or van for your delivery.


Are there any restrictions on the size of items for delivery?

Yes, here are the restrictions based on vehicle type:

    • Motorbike:

      • Max dimensions: 30x30x30cm & 10Kg
      • Suitable for deliveries that fit within the specified dimensions. No fragile items.
      • Maximum distance: 5km. Otherwise, the delivery option will default to a car delivery.
    • Car:

      • Max dimensions: 60x60x60cm, max 20Kg per item, and up to 6 items.
      • Please select 'Van' for larger deliveries.
      • If there are more than 2 items in a delivery, you will be charged an item surcharge.
    • Van:

      • Max dimensions: 150x150x150cm & max 25Kg per item.
      • Please allow up to 30 minutes for a Sherpa to be allocated and specify the dimensions in the item description.
      • If you book a van delivery, a ute or wagon driver might be allocated. If the delivery requires a van or truck and cannot be completed by a ute or wagon, we will try our best to find a suitable driver. If not, the delivery will be cancelled, and a full refund will be provided.


What if my delivery requires more than one person or the item is larger than the vehicle?

Sherpa does not provide service for deliveries that require more than one person to handle (for example, large furniture). For items such as these, we recommend booking a removal company.


What happens if I book delivery for items that are bigger than the vehicle I booked?

If you book delivery for items that are bigger than the vehicle you booked it for (for example you booked a car for an item that is 80x80x80cm) and the driver cannot fit the item in their vehicle, your delivery will be cancelled, and you will be charged. You will need to book a new delivery with a fitting vehicle. 


If you are not sure which vehicle to select, please get in touch with Sherpa Support via our Help Centre. Our team will gladly answer any questions you have.

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