What kind of items can I get delivered?

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What range of items does Sherpa deliver?

Sherpa delivers a wide range of items, catering to various businesses from food retailers to clothing shops and everything in between. We deliver flowers from local florists and work with some of the largest grocery stores in Australia. 


Can Sherpa deliver items that require identification checks?

Yes, we have strict measures in place to ensure our drivers can deliver items requiring identification checks, such as liquor and tobacco products.


Can Sherpa handle fragile items?

Yes, we can deliver fragile items that require a little more care.


Are there any items Sherpa cannot deliver?

Yes, we have a forbidden items list. To check this, please see Clause 18 under Specific Terms Related To Delivery in our Terms and Conditions.


If you are not sure whether we can deliver your item, please get in touch with Sherpa Support via our Help Centre. Our team will gladly answer any questions you have.

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