Scheduled and Future Deliveries with Sherpa

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Can I schedule a delivery for a future date with Sherpa?
Of course you can!

How far in advance can I schedule a delivery?

You can schedule a delivery for the following day to give our drivers more time to accept the job. Our Sherpa drivers are often on the app at the end of each day, searching for jobs to accept in advance. We call these Future Jobs, and they're very popular amongst our Driver Community. You can actually schedule a delivery up to one year in advance!

What are the benefits of scheduling a delivery in advance?

If you're looking to make a large amount of deliveries in one day, or really want to make sure you don't forget to deliver that something special on your anniversary, we've got you covered. Just make sure to change the date to when you need it delivered when you make the booking.

If you need assistance booking a future delivery, please get in touch with Sherpa Support via our Help Centre. Our team will gladly answer any questions you have.


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