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Fulfilment Options

If you’re set up to manually send orders to Sherpa, orders placed in your store will be added to the Pending Orders list. You can then manually select one or more orders to log with Sherpa. In the Shopify Orders dashboard, orders will be left as 'Unfulfilled' until you select them and follow this process.




Sherpa Pending Orders View

  1. In the Sherpa Dashboard, click on ‘Manage Orders’ under Pending Orders


  2. Select one or more orders and click on “Send to Sherpa” in the top right cornermceclip2.pngmanual_3.png

Shopify Order List View

Alternatively, you can send orders to Sherpa from the Shopify Orders view

  1. Go to Shopify “Orders”

  2. Select one or more orders from the list, select “More actions” and “Send to Sherpa”


Shopify Order Details View

You can also do this from the order details view



If you manually Send to Sherpa AFTER the delivery window has already opened, those orders will be defaulted to 2hr deliveries. You should always send manual orders before the delivery window ready-at time.


Should you need further assistance with this, please send an email to or log a support ticket via our help desk.

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