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Configure your store locations (stores will you be delivering out of), delivery days, operating hours, pickup details & instructions for the Sherpa driver.


Setup Location Details

  • From the header navigation select Location Details
  • Set Store Name
  • Set Item Description of your product base (eg clothing, shoes, flowers, gifts etc)
  • Specify Preparation Time - how long you need to prepare an order before our driver picks it up
  • Specify if you have one or multiple active Shopify locations (if you have more than one active location in Shopify you MUST select multiple locations. You can choose which locations you actually delivery from, even if there is only one.)
  • If you have multiple locations you will be asked to set the Stock Levels we should check for before displaying Sherpa at checkout

Store Locations

Selection is based on how many active locations you have in your Shopify locations settings. If you have multiple stores but do not wish to use Sherpa for delivery from all you should select Multiple locations.

Stock Levels

When you have multiple stores enabled, Sherpa app uses Stock Levels to determine if an order can be delivered by Sherpa. This is to make sure an order isn't logged with us when there is no stock available for pickup. 

  1. Low stock threshold (for multiple locations only): Set the amount at which Sherpa should no longer consider able to ship. 
  2. Only display Sherpa rates when all times are in stock: When "Continue selling when out of stock" is enabled on your products in Shopify, this option allows you to keep selling, but prevents Sherpa from showing at checkout unless all products are in stock.


Set Operating Hours and Pickup Instructions

  • If you have one active Shopify location:
    • Set Pickup Location information
    • Specify your Delivery Days
  • If you have multiple active Shopify locations:
    • Decide if you wish to set hours and days the same for all store locations or set custom operating days / hours per store
    • If you choose custom, select Manage next to each location to specify which stores you offer Sherpa delivery from, and the operating days and hours
    • Set your Pickup Name and Pickup Instructions for each store
  • Decide if you want to let customers select from the Delivery Calendar, and if so, set how far into the future you allow orders and nominate any Blockout Dates you don’t offer delivery
  • Select Save Settings


Delivery Instructions

You can allow your customers to include notes specifically for our delivery drivers. We have 3 options for delivery instructions:

  • Use Sherpa Delivery app 'Notes for delivery driver'
    For single location stores, this is only shown if calendar is enabled
  • Use Shopify default cart notes for delivery instructions
  • Don't send delivery instructions to Sherpa


Delivery Date Selection

You can choose to enable a calendar to allow customers to select a delivery date in the future. If the calendar is not enabled, customers will see rates for today, or next available day.

Note this option may not be compatible with all themes. 

  1. Choose to disable or enable the calendar
  2. If enabled:
    • Set the Calendar Window - the number of days in advance an order can be placed for Sherpa delivery
    • Set Blockout Dates - if there are specific dates you do not wish to offer Sherpa for delivery, you can add them in advance (eg Christmas Day, public holidays etc). Simply Select a date and click the + button to set it. 
    • Hide calendar on select products - Orders which contain products tagged SHERPA-NO-CAL will not be shown the calendar at cart and instead show delivery windows for today or next available day. 

Manage Delivery Days, Times and Stores

You can choose which days you wish to offer Sherpa for delivery, along with the hours the items will be available for pickup (by our drivers) on those days. You can also select which stores you deliver from, and what delivery services you offer.

  1. Select if you'd like to have the same delivery days and times for all your active stores, or if you need custom days, times and services set for each. 
  2. Set your Pickup Details
    • Pickup Contact Name - name of the person the Sherpa driver should look out for when they reach the pickup location.
    • Pickup Instructions - any additional instructions for the Sherpa driver relevant to the pick up.
  3. If you have multiple stores, then you set Custom operating days / hours per store, you can now select 'Manage' for each of those stores. You can also select Do not offer Sherpa delivery from this location to disable the app from showing Sherpa rates for those stores.


  4. Specify your Delivery days and operating hours for each day. These times won't be shown to customers and should be set according to the hours our driver can attend the store to pickup orders. This is time range will then be used to provide delivery windows to the customer at checkout. 

    For example, if you set your operating hours from 9am to 5pm, and are offering 2hr delivery, customers will see delivery windows between the time they are making their order and 5pm. The cut off time for a same day 2hr delivery is 3pm, allowing 2 hours for the driver to pickup the order and deliver to the customer. After 3 pm, customers will only be able to see delivery windows for the next day, or next available days in the calendar (if you've enabled it). 

  5. Select Save to lock in your changes

Important: Same day delivery won't show if hours of operation are after 12 pm (or 2pm for 7pm delivery) and before 5pm (or 7pm for 2pm pickup). Preparation time also affects these times. If you have 1 hour prep time then the cutoff time for an order to be placed for that same day is 11am for a 12pm pickup. Bulk rates require the store hours to be set to the deliver-by time set on your account.


Should you need further assistance with our apps and plugins, please send an email to or log a support ticket via our help desk.

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