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As a business you may choose to either display Sherpa's delivery rates to your customers as-is, or have custom customer-facing delivery flat rates based on their distance (i.e. the delivery location) from the store/pick up location, or postcode.

You can also

- Add a margin (percentage or dollar amount)

- Offer free delivery if cart total is over a nominated amount

- Specify a combination of the above for each delivery option and radius


Set Sherpa Delivery Rates

Set Sherpa Delivery Rates

Before you enable the app, you must configure the delivery services you wish to offer your customers

  • From your Shopify dashboard select Apps > Sherpa Delivery
  • Select Delivery Rates from the header navigation
  • Tick the Sherpa services you wish to offer your customers (eg 2hr delivery, 4hr delivery, same day delivery)
  • When you select a service, it will expand with some options:
    • Display on checkout as = how that option will show to your customers
    • Limit windows = how many time slots you wish to show to your customers
  • Under Set Rates you can determine what rates are shown for Sherpa Delivery
    • Select Add Rate
    • Select the radius or postcodes you wish to offer delivery up to (for example, you may only wish to offer 2hr delivery for customers within a 10km radius, or free delivery only to deliveries in certain postcodes)
    • Select the type of rate to charge:
      • Calculated = Dynamic Sherpa rates for that delivery radius
      • Flat rate = Specify your own rate for that delivery radius
      • No rate = Do not show Sherpa rates for that delivery radius
    • You can decide if you want to offer rates for ‘all other areas’ or set other areas to ‘no rates’
  • If you have Bulk rates, you must set a flat rate
  • Select Save Settings



Bulk rates reflect your user account settings

Sherpa offers discounted rates for customers with 20+ orders per day. If you have bulk rates enabled on your account, delivery windows shown at checkout will match times set up in your Sherpa account.

For bulk rates you must set a flat rate.

Your operating hours must be at least set to the deliver-by time set in your user account. Contact if you require any assistance.

Should you need further assistance with our apps and plugins, please send an email to or log a support ticket via our help desk.

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