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WooCommerce (Wordpress) - How do I configure my Sherpa Shipping settings?

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Before you can access the Sherpa Delivery plugin settings you will need to enable the plugin by navigating to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Sherpa

Once enabled, in the left hand side menu, navigate to WooCommerce > Sherpa Delivery




API Settings

At the top of the page, you will see options for API Settings. This is where you will connect your WooCommerce store to your Sherpa business account:



  1. Enter the username and password for your Sherpa business account - if testing, enter your login details for your test account. If you don't already have a Sherpa business account, you can create them via these links. 
  2. Sandbox
    • Set to 'Yes' if you want to test deliveries on Sherpa’s QA server.
    • Set to 'No' to log deliveries directly to Sherpa’s production server.
  3. Make sure you 'Test' your credentials and look out for a success message to ensure the username and password you’ve entered are correct.

Delivery Settings


  1. Your Store Name - enter your store name here, e.g. CBD Metro.

  2. Create shipment on order placement
    • Yes' - places an order with Sherpa as soon as the order is logged in WordPress.
    • 'No' (default) - Sherpa rates will be calculated at checkout but orders will not be sent to Sherpa. You will need to create orders in your Sherpa account manually.

  3. Enable for all products 
    • 'Yes' (default)  - Sherpa shipping will be available for all products in your WordPress store.
    • 'No' - Sherpa shipping will only be available for products that are specifically set to ‘Ship via Sherpa’ in your individual product settings

  4. Ship via Sherpa - To specify products for shipment by Sherpa, go to WooCommerce > Products. When you create or edit a product go to Product details > General and  ‘Ship via Sherpa’ is underneath the pricing inputs.
    • 'No' - if you don’t want this product to be available for shipping via Sherpa.
    • 'Yes' (default) - if you want this product to be available for shipping via Sherpa.


Set Delivery Options

  1. The Sherpa Delivery plugin allows you to offer your customers three delivery options: 2hr, 4hr, and Same Day for delivery today or on a later date. 5.png

  2. Click on ‘Edit Options’ to update the labels (as it would appear in the checkout page) for the different delivery options.                  6.png

  3. Set the vehicle type to be used for deliveries. This selection will apply to all deliveries.


Delivery Rate & Distance

While Sherpa will charge you on our standard delivery rates, you can use this setting to customise the way you offer delivery to your customers. You pick from one of the following options:

  • Sherpa Rate - displays Sherpa’s standard delivery rates on checkout.


  • Flat Rate - you can set a flat rate for deliveries within a specific radius from the pickup point.



    1. Define a flat rate for each delivery option (2hr, 4hr, and same day)

    2. If you wish to offer free delivery, you can leave the rate as 0.00

    3. Click on ‘Add Another’ to add multiple flat rates for different distances.

    4. Outside radius - if the delivery location is outside the defined distance, you can set it to either:
  • Use standard Sherpa rates - displays Sherpa’s standard delivery rates to the customer, or
  • Do not offer delivery - delivery options will not be available or displayed on checkout.

  1. Margin - delivery rates charged to customers will be a sum total of Sherpa’s delivery cost and the specified % margin.


Business Details


  • Store name - enter your business name here.
  • Business days - deliveries through Sherpa will only be available on these days.
  • Operating hours - deliveries through Sherpa will only be available during these hours.

If business operating hours end at 5pm, for example, customers can request a 2 hour delivery for that day until 3pm (assuming there’s no prep time needed for your products). This allows for a full 2 hour window for Sherpa drivers to pick up and deliver the item to the customer. After 3pm, customers will only be able to see delivery windows for the next day.

  • Prep time  - set a prep time if the store needs time to prepare orders before they are ready for pickup.
    • Prep time is factored into available delivery times on the checkout page. For example, if the order is placed at 1pm and the business has a prep time of 1 hour, the first available delivery window for a 2 hour delivery will be 2pm-4pm that day.
  • Pickup Instructions - specify additional pickup instructions for Sherpa drivers. This will be attached with every delivery created through this plugin.



Should you need further assistance, please send an email to or log at ticket via our help desk.




Extensions developed by Sherpa Pty Ltd are tested on the Standard WordPress environment using the standard themes built into the core and are duly tested prior to release on the latest version of a standard WordPress installation. Any incompatibilities with third-party themes and plugins are beyond Sherpa's responsibility. All products are provided ‘as is’ and in no case is it implied that they will function as expected under any setup or configuration nor with any or all 3rd party plugins or software or server environments. We highly recommend that you test your implementation with our software and service thoroughly. That said, we do our best to resolve any bugs or incompatibility issues our clients report to us.


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