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Installing the Sherpa Delivery App

  • From your Shopify dashboard select Apps
  • Select Customise my store
  • Once you are logged into the Sherpa app store, type Sherpa into the search box
  • Click on Sherpa Delivery in the results
  • Follow the prompts to install

App listing here:
Sherpa App information here:


Prerequisite for the Sherpa App

The Sherpa Delivery app relies on Shopify’s carrier-calculated shipping service to display shipping options on the checkout page.

In January 2023, Shopify removed access to this service entirely for their Shopify Basic plan.  

If you're on Shopify Plan and above, you'll be able to access the service by contacting Shopify support. Advanced Shopify & Shopify Plus have the service enabled by default.  


Should you need further assistance with this, please send an email to or log a support ticket via our help desk.


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