Sherpa delivery packaging guidelines

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As a Sherpa user, per our terms you are responsible to provide adequate packaging of your items. This way, it can withstand the normal wear and tear during transit and your items will arrive at their destination safely:

  1. We recommend all items to be transported in cardboard boxes or any other mailer satchel that would be accepted by your regular courier or postal service provider
  2. Please fill any empty spaces in the packaging, to prevent damage during regular transit. If items can move around freely in their box, bag or satchel, the chances of damage are much higher.
  3. For fragile items: please make sure you wrap the items with bubble wrap or tissue paper. Marking them as "fragile" alone is insufficient to prevent any damages during regular transit.
  4. If something has to be transported upright, please make sure the packaging is clearly labeled with "keep this side up"
  5. If something has to be transported in an air-conditioned environment, please add this in the item description field



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