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From your online store direct to your customer’s door, Sherpa’s FREE Shopify app makes same day delivery to your Australian customers easy.

This quick start guide will help get you up and running with the Sherpa Delivery Shopify app quickly.

Important note for those on Shopify Basic & Shopify plans: To use this app, you'll need Shopify's carrier-calculated shipping service to be enabled on your store. Starting from January 2023, Shopify has discontinued access to this service for Shopify Basic.

You can access this feature for your Shopify Plan by reaching out to Shopify support.
It is already included Shopify Plus and Shopify Advanced subscriptions.

Before you start:

  • Sign up for a Sherpa customer account at
  • Note your sign in details as you’ll need them to set up the app in Shopify

  • If you'd prefer to use a test account first, signup on our QA server here

1. Install the app

  • From your Shopify dashboard select Apps
  • Select Customise my store
  • Once you are logged into the Sherpa app store, type Sherpa into the search box
  • Click on Sherpa Delivery in the results
  • Follow the prompts to install

2. Connect to your Sherpa account

  • From your Shopify dashboard select Apps Sherpa Delivery
  • Input your Sherpa account login information (the email address and password you use to login to Sherpa with)
  • If you are using your Sherpa test account, select This is a test account
  • Select Check my Credentials
  • Select Save Credentials

3. Setup your location details

  • From the header navigation select Location Details
  • Set Store Name
  • Set Item Description of your product base (eg clothing, shoes, flowers, gifts etc)
  • Specify Preparation Time - how long you need to prepare an order before our driver picks it up
  • Specify if you have one or multiple active Shopify locations (if you have more than one active location in Shopify you MUST select multiple locations. You can choose which locations you actually delivery from, even if there is only one.)
  • If you have multiple locations you will be asked to set the Stock Levels we should check for before displaying Sherpa at checkout

4. Set operating days & pickup instructions

  • If you have one active Shopify location:
    • Set Pickup Location information
    • Specify your Delivery Days
  • If you have multiple active Shopify locations:
    • Decide if you wish to set hours and days the same for all store locations or set custom operating days / hours per store
    • If you choose custom, select Manage next to each location to specify which stores you offer Sherpa delivery from, and the operating days and hours
    • Set your Pickup Name and Pickup Instructions for each store
  • Decide if you want to let customers select from the Delivery Calendar, and if so, set how far into the future you allow orders and nominate any Blockout Dates you don’t offer delivery
  • Select Save Settings


5. Select your delivery rates

Set Sherpa Delivery Rates

Before you enable the app, you must configure the delivery services you wish to offer your customers

  • From your Shopify dashboard select Apps > Sherpa Delivery
  • Select Delivery Rates from the header navigation
  • Tick the Sherpa services you wish to offer your customers (eg 2hr delivery, 4hr delivery, same day delivery)
  • When you select a service, it will expand with some options:
    • Display on checkout as = how that option will show to your customers
    • Limit windows = how many time slots you wish to show to your customers
  • Under Set Rates you can determine what rates are shown for Sherpa Delivery
    • Select Add Rate
    • Select the radius or postcodes you wish to offer delivery up to (for example, you may only wish to offer 2hr delivery for customers within a 10km radius, or free delivery only to deliveries in certain postcodes)
    • Select the type of rate to charge:
      • Calculated = Dynamic Sherpa rates for that delivery radius
      • Flat rate = Specify your own rate for that delivery radius
      • No rate = Do not show Sherpa rates for that delivery radius
    • You can decide if you want to offer rates for ‘all other areas’ or set other areas to ‘no rates’
  • If you have Bulk rates, you must set a flat rate
  • Select Save Settings


6. Configure cart options

When you have multiple locations, Sherpa App checks inventory at cart level to ensure stock is available. Cart options enable you to control how those options are presented to your customers.

  • From your Shopify dashboard select Apps > Sherpa Delivery

  • Select Cart Options from the header navigation

  • Choose how you wish Sherpa to appear at cart

    • Display Sherpa as the only shipping option = Best when Sherpa is your only/preferred delivery method.

    • Allow other shipping options in addition to Sherpa = Best when you offer other shipping methods in addition to Sherpa. You can customise the labels displayed in the cart.

    • Hide Sherpa cart options = Best if you do not want Sherpa cart options shown to your customers.

  • Customise your cart and popup labels

  • Select Save Settings

7. Set your delivery preferences

  • From your Shopify dashboard select Apps Sherpa Delivery
  • Select Delivery Preferences from the header navigation
  • Choose the vehicle suitable for delivering your products (note a motorbike can only deliver up to 5km from pickup location)
  • Select the delivery flags your orders need. For instance, if your order contains alcohol, the ‘Alcohol’ flag must be selected to ensure Sherpa driver follows Responsible Service of Alcohol regulations. Flowers should be marked as ‘Fragile’
  • Select Save Settings

8. Specify fulfilment option

  • From your Shopify dashboard select Apps Sherpa Delivery
  • Under Sherpa basics on the app dashboard see Fulfilment Options and select your preference:
    • Automatically place an order with Sherpa: If a Sherpa shipping option is selected on checkout, a corresponding job will be created in the Sherpa platform as soon as the order is placed in your store.
    • Manually push orders to Sherpa: Orders will be listed in the Pending Orders view and can be manually selected and sent to Sherpa. You can also do this from the Shopify Orders view.
  • Select Save Settings

9. Enable the app

  • From your Shopify dashboard select Apps Sherpa Delivery Manage
    • Under Sherpa basics on the app dashboard, select ‘Enable’ (will say Sherpa Shipping is enabled)
    • Select Save Settings


10. Add Sherpa rates to your shipping profiles(s)

  • Once Sherpa app is enabled, from your Shopify dashboard select Settings
  • Select Shipping and delivery
  • Navigate to Shipping General Shipping Rates Manage rates
  • For the shipping zones you use Sherpa, select Add Rate and select Use carrier or app to calculate rates
  • Select Sherpa (rates provided by app)
  • Select Save


Don’t forget to test!

It's really important you test your flow to check that your configuration is correct and your rates are showing at checkout.

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