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You may have products in your Shopify store that are not suitable for delivery by Sherpa - these could be heavy (>20kg), large (>60cmx60cm) or valuable, or items which are made to order etc.

You can tag these products with the sherpa-exclude tag. If the tag is on any item in the customers cart, Sherpa rates won't be shown at checkout. 

Using the sherpa-exclude tag

  1. In Shopify, navigate to Products
  2. Select the product/s you wish to exclude from Sherpa delivery
  3. Under tags create the sherpa-exclude tag
  4. Add tag to any other products you wish to exclude
  5. Save your product/s

If an order contains at least one item with the sherpa-exclude tag, the Sherpa shipping options will not be shown at cart, or as a shipping option at checkout.



Note that you will have to add this to individual variations of each product.


Should you need further assistance with this, please send an email to or log a support ticket via our help desk.

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