My item has been damaged or stolen. What happens next?

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In the event of non-delivery, theft of items or damage to a shipment caused by a Sherpa Driver, Sherpa will offer shipment coverage up to the value of $300 AUD.

To assess your claim, you must submit a claim within the below timeframes:

Non-delivery or theft of items

Claim submitted 5 days from the scheduled delivery date


Claim submitted 5 days from the scheduled delivery date


In the event a claim needs to be lodged, the following steps must be taken by the User before the investigation can commence: 

Submit your request:

From the menu, choose 'I am a Sherpa Customer' and follow the prompts to lodge a damaged/stolen item. 

Please make sure your request includes the following information:

  • Delivery ID
  • Proof of Damages (Photos - high resolution and different angles if applicable) or,
  • If lost in transit, a detailed explanation of the situation
  • Copy of invoice showing original cost of goods

Sherpa will then proceed with the investigation. Please allow three business days for us to respond to the User. 

Note: If it is determined that the claim has been made incorrectly and the outcome is confirmed that the assigned Driver is not at fault, the Claims Assessor will complete the ‘declined claims form’. A $150 claim fee will be charged in line with Sherpa’s Claims process.

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