How can I log multiple (bulk) deliveries?

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If you are currently managing your customers' orders on paper or an excel sheet, you can use our Standard Bulk Upload feature to import orders into the Sherpa platform. 

Here's a quick video tutorial!



Bulk Uploads

  1. In the left navigation, go to Bulk Upload > Standard Bulk Upload.


  2. Download our import template.


  3. Open the file in a spreadsheet editor. You will see a few rows of sample data. You can go ahead and delete those. Do not delete the header row.

  4. Add order details (one row per order) to the sheet. Refer to the instructions table for details on which fields are mandatory and the allowed values.


  5. Save the file as a CSV.

  6. Go back to the Sherpa web platform, click on "Select File", select the file you just saved, and click on "Import File Now".


  7. If there are no errors in your file, your jobs will be imported successfully and displayed in Current Deliveries view.

Errors in my Bulk Upload File

If there are one or more issues in the order details you're attempting to import, the errors will be displayed as below.


In the above example, the errors can be deciphered as:

Line 1 - the ready date or time in the file is in the incorrect format (should be yyyy-mm-dd)



Line 2 - the pickup phone number is in the incorrect format (should be a number and between 2-20 chars)



Once you fix the errors, re-upload the file. 


File format

All bulk upload files have to be uploaded in a CSV UTF-8 file format.

If you get an error such as "invalid byte sequence in UTF-8", it means the format of the file you're trying to import is invalid.

Please follow the following procedure to ensure you are using the right format:

  • Excel: File => Save As => Select "CSV UTF-8" for the File Format
  • Google Sheet: Google Sheets uses CSV UTF-8 file by default if you select Download as "Comma-separated values".

Column headers

Please make sure the column headers you use are an exact match with the ones provided in the template file.


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