I’m having an issue with the date format for Bulk Uploads. How do I fix this?

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The required format for date fields in the Standard Bulk Upload tool is yyyy-mm-dd. This is an international standard date format designed to reduce ambiguity and confusion. 

You may edit CSV files using a spreadsheet editor like Microsoft Excel. When you open a CSV file in Excel, it will automatically reformat what it recognises as a date into the default date format configured for your system. When you export/save the file as a CSV using Excel, the date format will be saved incorrectly (i.e. not in the format we expect - yyyy-mm-dd) and your CSV import in Sherpa won't work.

The good news is, there’s a simple solution to this problem! Use the instructions below to change the date format in your spreadsheet before importing into Sherpa. 

Changing the date format in an Excel spreadsheet

  1. Select the ready_at_date column.


  2. Right-click on the column to open a shortcut menu as shown below. Select Format Cells from the shortcut menu.


  3. Under the Category list on the left, select Custom.


  4. In the Type field, replace the text with yyyy-mm-dd.

  5. Click OK to save your changes.

  6. Review your delivery details. When done, go to File > Save As and save it as a .csv file.

The CSV is now ready to be uploaded using our Standard Bulk Upload tool.

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