Delivery Cancellation Policy

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Cancelling Unassigned Deliveries
If you wish to cancel your delivery before a Sherpa Driver is assigned, you may do so via the app or desktop dashboard under the 'Current Deliveries' section by clicking on the delivery in question. Please note you can only take this action if you have scheduled the delivery in advance.

Please note that if the delivery is not yet assigned and you contact us to cancel your delivery a $1.50 processing fee applies.

Cancelling Assigned Deliveries

If you wish to cancel an assigned delivery, please get in touch with us as soon as possible via our online chat or phone.

Please note that in the following uncontrollable circumstances, Sherpa will not be held liable for delays as stated in the Terms and Conditions. These conditions can include but are not limited to:

  • Extreme Weather - Flash Flooding, 40+ degree temperature, gale force winds
  • COVID19 lockdowns
  • Force Majeure event
  • Main Event Days and peak periods including but not limited to; Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Christmas Eve


All refund or damage claims must be made within 3 business days with photo proof when applicable.


Cancellation Pre-assignment  
Cost / Refund
Delivery not yet assigned, User cancels from the Sherpa Dashboard  Free
Delivery not yet assigned, but User contacts Sherpa Support for cancellation  $1.50   
If payment has not been captured by the system 100% Refund

A driver has not yet been assigned

100% Refund

If the delivery has been assigned to a driver for less than 5 minutes

100% Refund

If a delivery has been cancelled more than 15 mins prior to the ready at (pick up) time

100% Refund


Cancellation Post-assignment  
Cost of Cancellation
Return Fee
Delivery is cancelled and the Sherpa driver is assigned and en route to pick up location  70% up to $15  n/a
Delivery is cancelled and the Sherpa driver is assigned and is close to or at the pick up location. 70% up to $25  n/a
Delivery is cancelled and the Sherpa driver is assigned and en route to delivery location 100% of delivery fee 100% of delivery fee



If you have any further questions please reach out to our friendly Customer Service Team.

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