How do I log my delivery?

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At Sherpa, seamless user experience is everything. We’ve made it easy for our clients to log deliveries in only a few short steps. Let us walk you through it:

  1. Log into your Sherpa account and go to ‘New Delivery’ view

  2. Specify your item quantity and a description of the item (e.g. computer, a bouquet of flowers). 


    Item quantity refers to the number of packages/bags the driver will need to pick up, not the number of individual items purchased by your customer.

  3. If at least one item in your delivery is heavier than 15kg, please select the checkbox and add the specific weight. *Note, Sherpa will not accept deliveries over 25kg.

  4. Enter pick up and delivery locations.


    Add a business name, level, suite or unit in the first box and the street number, name, city, postcode in the second box.

    If the pickup is always from the same location, set it as a default in Delivery Preferences so it pre-fills automatically.


  5. Select the type of vehicle required to successfully complete your delivery. Please note that each vehicle has specific size and KG requirements attached.

  6. Choose the most suitable delivery option


  7. Specify when the item will be ready for pick up. Here you can select a specific date and time. If you leave this unchanged, it defaults to the next available immediate pickup time.


  8. Click "Check Price" if you want to get a price quote. Your delivery will not be created at this point.

  9. Click "Next". This takes you to Step 2 of the delivery creation process to get some more optional details from you. 

    • Pick up contact details and any specific instructions for when the driver arrives at the pickup location. If these details always remain the same, you can set default values for them in My Account > Delivery Preferences.
    • Delivery contact details and any specific delivery instructions.
    • Delivery preferences


      • Send SMS tracking to the recipient (a valid mobile number needs to be provided)
      • Deliver to the specified recipient (the Sherpa driver will check the recipient's ID)
      • Delivery contains Alcohol (Australian RSA laws are fully enforced)
      • Leave unattended (the Sherpa driver can leave the item in a safe place if no one is home)
      • Item is fragile 

  10. Enter additional information regarding the order in the Other Instructions field.

  11. Reference ID refers to the order ID in your online store. Providing this information in delivery details can help you track your item more easily.

  12. Review your delivery details and click on "Submit Delivery" to create the delivery.

    If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our friendly Sherpa Support team by submitting a ticket. 
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