How do wait time fees work?

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If the driver has arrived at the pickup or delivery location and needs to wait, you will be charged wait time fees. Please note that these fees may operate differently for enterprise clients.



  • $3.64 (ex GST) or $4.004 (including GST) per 5 minutes is charged after the first 10 minutes of waiting at either the pickup or delivery location.


Ad-hoc Runs:

For runs with multiple deliveries, the rules for wait time at the pickup location are different. The driver has 10 minutes for the first delivery and 1 minute for every subsequent delivery in the run.

  • For example, if there are 10 deliveries in the run, the driver will not be eligible for wait time fees until after 14 minutes (5 minutes for the first delivery, 1 minute for each of the 9 other jobs. 5+9=14).

All wait time requests will be reviewed before being applied.

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