Navigating your Sherpa Dashboard

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You can learn all about your Sherpa Delivery dashboard here, and find some key features that help you make the most out of the platform. 



1.png  New delivery

This is your home page - from here you can book all your deliveries, specifying the item quantity and description, delivery details and choosing your preferred delivery window.  

Detailed information on the delivery creation is available in this article: How do I log my delivery?


2.png  Bulk Upload 

Are you looking to upload multiple deliveries for a scheduled delivery window? Use the Bulk Upload feature for a more streamlined process. 

For step-by-step instructions, have a look at How can I log multiple bulk deliveries?


3.png Current Deliveries 

The Current Deliveries page provides you with a real-time status overview of your jobs - click on a Delivery ID for more details, including a live tracker. 


User Web_Current Deliveries_Track.png


Tp help you manage any queries, you'll also see an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) update, based on live traffic flows, distance and the number of jobs on the assigned Sherpa Driver Partner. 


4.png Delivery History 

Take a look at your past deliveries, including access to your invoices - choose the delivery for which you'd like to have the invoice and select download, making it easy to manage your records. 


5.png Settings 

With Settings, you can have: 

  • Visibility on Bulk Rates (if eligible)
  • Setting your delivery defaults: Do you use Sherpa often for the same pick and delivery address? Set them up, so you can save yourself time for the next send. 
  • Adjust your Notifications: Set up customised alerts for delivery status and delivery information 


6.png My Account 

Update your details, including payment methods through 'My Account' anytime.


7.png Help Center 

The Help Centre is just a tap away! Explore for solutions for any issues you may encounter while using the platform. Can't find a solution? Reach out to us via call/chat. 



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